Mossberg 715T Magazine

Lets find the best deal on the Mossberg 715T magazines around. You can buy the mags in either 10 or 25 round capacity. Now, why on earth would anyone want only 10 rounds in their 715T rifle??? Because they have to…yep a handful of wonderful states (cough, California) require by law for your magazines to be a max capacity of 10 rounds.

Mossberg 715T 10 round magazine

 – In stock November 2nd here

Mossberg 715T 25 round magazine

But that’s ok, the 10 round magazines still allow you to have a great time with your Mossberg tactical 22.

There is only one issue with the 10 round magazines….they look super lame…but don’t take my word for it…take a look below and guess which is the 10 round mag ;(


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