Mossberg 715T 25 Round Magazine

If you’re looking for a Mossberg 715T 25 round magazine then that means you don’t live in one of the great states that has banned anything over 10 rounds. Lucky for you because the 10 round magazines for the 715T are tiny and they look like they should go in a pistol rather then a sweet looking AR-15 looking .22 rifle like your 715T.

These magazines are sold out everywhere :( When in stock you can get them. All the distributors are out of these magazine for some reason. We’re going to call around and see what the problem is and try to find an in stock date

25 Round magazines in stock

**Update – Jan 2015 = (Mossberg 715t magazines in stock) 

10 Round Magazines in stock

Weapon hero has the 10 round magazines in stock


How much can you expect to pay for a 25 round magazine? Retail is around $30 give or take a couple. The problem is for most of 2013 nobody has them in stock for whatever reason. It is a popular rifle, but geez. I expect the Mossberg tactical 25 round mags to start coming in stock this fall and then sell completely out for Christmas.

The only gripe people have with the 25 round magazines besides zero availability is that it’s hard to get all 25 rounds in the mag and also that when you do get all in, the gun can jam. Basically everyone says just be happy with putting 22-23 rounds in and you’ll have a better experience.


**Update 2015 - Mossberg has just released a full profile 10 round magazine! This means no more dealing with those silly looking baby magazines that are hard to get out on top of looking bad!

The new magazines look just like the full size 25, but the lower section where the window and thumb spring are located is blank.

mossberg 715t full size 10 round magazine for sale

Checkout the difference in the 25 round magazine and the 10 round magazines below. Yes, it’s basically the 10 round extended down to a full size magazine.


mossberg 715t 25 round magazine

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