Holly Cow Mossberg 715T 25 Round Magazines In Stock! -Update Not In Stock

mossberg 715t magazineFor the most part of 2013 the Mossberg 715T magazines have been hard to find and over the summer and fall they’ve been almost impossible. In fact they’re so rare right now that there are plenty of a$$holes selling them for $85 per mag on ebay…yes per magazine…$85. If you get very lucky a small gun shop might have a magazine in stock, but for the most part everyone is sold out.

**Update Feb 19, 2014 – Weapon Hero has 25 round mags in stock…better hurry!


**Update December 25, 2013

The 10 & 25 round mags are sold out everywhere. You can’t even call Mossberg directly and order them as they are backed up until February.

Where to buy 715T 25 round magazines as of November 25, 2013

Try calling Mossberg directly at 800-363-3555 and order directly. Tell them to ship some magazines out to their dealers ;)

We’ve heard Mossberg still has them in stock, but you can only order by calling and placing an order over the phone.


Weapon Hero has the 10 round magazines in stock – **Update February 2014 – In stock


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