FINALLY Mossberg releases a 10 round magazine that looks like the full size 25 round magazine!!!

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If you live in a state that requires you to use 10 round magazines then you’ve probably not been very happy with the available 10 round magazine for the 715T because it looks like the magazine below on the right.

Basically when you have the small older style 10 round magazine in your 715t it looks like you don’t have a magazine in :( In fact, that small 10 round magazine is made to fit the 702 model rifle.

As  you can see in the picture below, the new 10 round mag has the lower body of the 25 round mag without the spring or ability to hold any rounds.





We had a Mossberg 715T fan named Sean send in his custom kick ass winter camo paint job recently.

He said it takes under 1 hour.

I asked him how he painted it and here are his directions:

First I wiped the rifle down with acetone, then I put a base coat of flat white.

While the base coat was just a bit tacky I applied the leaves from a fern looking plant on the rifle so that they were close to the rifle without much space to get the full effect of the foliage pattern.

I the sprayed the whole rifle with a flat black paint. As soon as your done spraying you then remove the foliage to reveal the pattern.

That’s it…seems pretty easy!

white camo mossberg 715t paint

Here is how he painted the second rifle:

Then Sean also painted his son’s air rifle that looks like the 715T the same way but added an additional color:

On my son`s air rifle I put a third layer of paint. White base, foliage, brown all over, foliage then black removed the 2 layers of foliage to do the reveal and let dry.

Lightest color to darkest color. Oh I almost forgot you need to tape off any area`s that cannot be painted, like the serial number and such.

The whole process took roughly an hour to do and you can use any foliage you have around. I`ve included a picture of my son`s air rifle with the three colors which could pass for a 715T flat top


The .22LR mossberg 715t is a great gun if you are looking for something that is reliable and very reasonably priced. It looks like an AR15 but it is lighter and of course much cheaper and lighter at around 5.2 pounds. The Mossberg tactical 22 is light enough to carry around but still holds enough shooting power to take down just about any animal up to a coyote. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun tactical .22LR for only around $250-$300.

There are two main models with an additional two other variations. The Mossberg 715T flat top and the 715T tactical carry handle. They all have the great M4 adjustable stock and fit the 10 or 25 round magazines. The 715T carry handle is not only the handle but it is also where the rear sight is located and of course is where you place your optics. The carry handle version does not have muzzlebrake.

mossberg 715t


The Mossberg 715T Flat Top comes with a muzzlebrake,same quad-rail and it comes with removable and adjustable front/rear sights.

mossberg 715t flat top

The first factory option is the 715t flat top camo which is the 715T flat top with an awesome coat of camo and all the same specs as the standard 715T flat top.

mossberg 715t flat top camo

The second factory option is the flat top red dot combo that is simply the 715T flat top with a 30mm red dot scope installed without the front and rear sights.

mossberg 715t flat top red dot combo [click to continue…]

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