*Updated March 28, 2014 - The 10 round magazines are in stock at weapon hero – click here

The Mossberg 715T 25 round magazines are in stock! > www.weaponhero.com/mossberg-715t-magazine-25-round/


mossberg 715t 25 round magazine


They’ve been out of stock for most of 2013 and now in March the magazines are starting to trickle out of Mossberg’s hands.


In case you didn’t know, Mossberg has made a pistol version of the 715T called the Mossberg 715P. It’s basically the same gun as the 715T without a stock and with a shorter barrel.

Checkout the 715P below…pretty darn cool. Toss this little guy in a bag for a fun camping trip. Grab a few accessories for it and you’ll have a cool setup…I like the UTG red/green dot and a single point sling and you’ve got a great plinking gun.

It has two sling mounts, one in the rear and one in the front…you will however need to purchase a sling swivel in order to mount a sling.

For around $269 it will be a fun little gun. You can buy it here weaponhero.com/mossberg-715p-for-sale


The Mossberg 715P takes the standard 715t 25 round magazines (If you can find them) and the 10 round magazines which are usually called the 702 10 round magazines.

mossberg-715p-with-10-round-magazine mossberg-715p-right-side


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If you’re like me you might be wondering why the great guys at Mossberg didn’t include an easy way to mount a single point tactical sling on the 715T. While it was nice that they put a front sling mount on and put a sling stud in the rear of the stock, they forgot about […]

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** UPDATE ** Ok, it’s obvious that we all want a drum magazine for our Mossberg 715t. The company I’ve talked to is making a 35 round magazine, but not a drum magazine. If you want a drum magazine for your Mossberg 715t, you’re going to have to let the drum mag manufactures know about […]

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Lots of 715T fans are looking for the mossberg 715t 50 round magazines and/or higher capacity magazines. Sure the 715T 25 round magazine is ok, but there are 50 round and up magazines for most guns now and even the S&W M&P 15-22 has a drum magazine and a 35 round magazine. First the bad […]

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For the most part of 2013 the Mossberg 715T magazines have been hard to find and over the summer and fall they’ve been almost impossible. In fact they’re so rare right now that there are plenty of a$$holes selling them for $85 per mag on ebay…yes per magazine…$85. If you get very lucky a small gun […]

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Mossberg 715T Red Laser

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BUY it here http://www.weaponhero.com/bsa-red-laser-sight/ Now that you’ve got all that rail space on your Mossberg tactical 22 you need to add some accessories! But lets be honest, the 715t is an incredible value and very inexpensive so if you’re like me you probably don’t want to spend $50-$100 on a red laser. I want to […]

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